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Industry profile

The company has successfully developed the State Grid standard replaceable battery box and its supporting travel switch in early October 2017. In order to ensure the comprehensive performance of the product, the company has invested a lot of money to develop a special anti shock, fatigue and life tester for battery box. All reliability tests of the product have been completed in early November 2017, and the existing design scheme has been obtained in China Approved by many well-known meter manufacturers, the products will be officially put into production in batches at the end of November 2017 and will be supplied. This is the key component designated by the State Grid,

Smart Meter

PhotosModelDescriptionSpacingType of bottom platePinState
DS1092-35ER14250 Battery Holder Plug In Type Guiding Length=6.3mm
DS1103Mini-USB 4 Positions Female R/A SMT Type0.8mm焊接式4